Happily Whatever After – GIRLS Is Coming Back!

Now that we did that Christmas thing and that Boxing Day thing, forget about New Year’s Eve, forget about resolutions, nevermind those sale purchases, it is all about GIRLS – season three première is due to air on HBO on January 12th and I am so there. For us here in the UK, the show will air on January 20th on Sky Atlantic – it will be a double bill, so if you are watching in the UK and have a lot of American friends, make sure you stay away from Twitter and all forms of internet communication for 8 days.

Seriously just watch the trailer and hold me for the next few weeks. Let’s all hold hands and wait for Hannah to exasperate us into loving her with a passion. Again and again and again.

Also: Jenna Lyons *brain freeze*

I am still not totally over the naked ping pong in the brownstone with the handsome and totally normal grown-up dude from season 2, so God only knows how I will deal with this coming season, but I will try.

Let’s take a moment to reminisce on our favourite GIRLS scenes: let me know in the comments!