Beauty – How To Curl Your Hair in 5 Min

I am on a YouTube roll – hopefully I will keep that up for a while as this is very fun indeed. This week’s video is about hair. I’ve posted before about my hair, more specifically how I achieve a head full of beach waves, but today I thought I’d show you an even better (read quicker) way to get the same look. We don’t always have hours to get ready and so I figured it was time to show you how I currently curl my hair.
Full list of products after the video (there are only 3!)

Get the look

1 – , 2 –  (this you can add at the end to tame frizzy bits), 3 – Your best hair tie, 

4 – 

If you have questions or if would like me to make a video on a specific topic, let me know in the comments!