Dance, Bear, Dance.

Little girls dreams go a few different ways: ballerina, vet, princess, super spy, movie star, rocket scientist. Generally, a few of those don’t materialise but some do come true. I mean let’s face it you probably won’t become a princess, but you could well be a rocket scientist with a soft spot for Ballet Beautiful or a super spy whose civilian cover is a veterinary practice. I am not entirely sure where I am going with this anymore, but I am sure it made complete sense when I sat down to write this so bear with me a moment. Yes – so we all wanted at some point or other to become a ballerina – un petit rat de l’opéra – which means at one point, we all owned a pair of Repetto pointe shoes. Or a tutu. Or both. In my case, I was never very talented in the ballet department, just a little too clumsy and not quite interested enough. Instead I opted for Modern Jazz dance as a little girl and so I was the proud owner of a pair of Repetto jazz shoes. I still did own a tutu though as any self-respecting little girl should. It was blue and I also used to wear matching leg warmers that were also blue but with white stripes. Overall it was a pretty fetching outfit which could totally have turned into a worldwide craze had blogging been around back in 1983.
This to say: it is now October 2013 and you can make your little girls dreams come true, delivered to your door. Oh how the world has changed. All Repetto products are now available to purchase online in the UK. That means you can get all the colours of ballerinas you wanted (see mine here), but you can also get your hands on their gorgeous handbags (that will fit all your dance kit) or dress up in Repetto Wardrobe, the dance-inspired line designed by Emilie Luc-Duc.
Below are some of my favourite looks from the collection.