My Honey Spots #MJHoneySpots

If you follow me on Instagram, you will have seen a few photos from France with the #MJHoneySpots hashtag… These were some of my favourite holiday spots here in the Gers. I come here every year for at least a couple weeks in August and so I am getting to know the area very well. I have my little routines and preferred spots and this Honey Marc Jacobs initiative was the perfect occasion to share my secret places with you… 
We all have our own “honey spots”, happy places that make you forget about the world, cool restaurants to share a delicious meal with friends, parks to laze around in the sunshine… I have tons, dotted around the world. I may well add them all little by little on the #MJHoneySpots site to keep a public record of them all. 
If you want to do the same – and I would love it if you did – you can visit the  and “be a part of the buzz” by adding your photos directly on the map. Alternatively, just tag your photos on instagram with #MJHoneySpots, just like I did!
In the countryside, near Fleurance you occasionally find beehives and other “bug hotels” kept by locals.
A lovely lake located near the centre of the little town of Fleurance. A great place for a post lunch stroll or a picnic while watching the ducks and ducklings.
Nothing beats a long walk by the Garonne, shaded by the trees. You can observe some amazing wildlife there.
Lavardens is one of the most beautiful villages in France, especially because of its castle, sitting on a rock above the village, like a ship.

Marché de Fleurance: A small market for all the producers of the region to sell their products. There you can find fresh fruits and veg, delicious cheeses and some interesting types of honey!

This is a collaboration post between Mademoiselle Robot & Marc Jacobs Fragrances