Monsieur Robot – Dr. Martens #standforsomething

I know this won’t be a popular sentiment but I’m kinda over Summer now. Not because I’m tired of the sunshine and through with lazy afternoons in the park – but more because I have a heap of clothes and shoes that I haven’t had a chance to wear yet – it’s just too damn hot. At the top of my “can’t wait to wear” pile are some new Dr. Martens boots. Boots so nice that I’ve convinced myself they’re going to change my life (I’m not even being hyperbolic here). 

If you’re still rolling your eyes at me for wishing Summer would end then you probably haven’t seen the Dr. Martens AW13 collection. To celebrate the launch they have created  an app that allows you to upload a pic of you in your own DMs along with a sentence explaining what you stand for.  

Download the  on the Dr. Martens Facebook page, upload your pic and you could win a pair of DMs! Who knows… They might even change your life too. In case you need any inspiration, the campaign perfectly encapsulates how versatile Dr. Martens really are. No-one can go from formal to casual and stop off at every sub-culture in between like Dr. Martens. How will you wear yours?  

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