Letters From The Louniverse – September

September – The Eight of Pentacles

I had to laugh when I pulled the Eight of Pentacles as it is so the September ‘back to school’ card!

September gives you sincere and intense focus to get your head down to do some good old fashioned work. Now is the right time to start or continue education, as well as put your all into those entrepreneurial projects. The card also encourages you to up and make changes in your work situation if you are no longer happy, the goal being to put attention on the projects that you truly believe in.

The number 8 is an equalizer and also reminds us that we reap what we sow. I want to talk about this from an energetic point of view. It is important how you project your attitude towards work and money related situations in regards to your own achievements and others. It can be very easy to look upon what you perceive other people to have, whether it be more money, more success, more love and feel jealous of it and choose to down tread their successes.
Jealousy is a feeling that we find so hard to stomach that instead we often project it outwards in all sorts of unkind ways. This kind of thinking repeatedly puts you in a negative space where you are much less likely to be able to see or enjoy your own abundance. A very common example of how we can place our energy incorrectly is to take on a ‘lack mentality’ by labeling ourselves as ‘too broke’, not ‘good’ enough and so forth.

To reverse this, be celebratory and excited by your friends and peers life and work successes. This is part of a continuing gratitude practice, the quickest way to bring positivity and opportunities your way. You can apply this into all areas of your life. Go inwards, practice some self love, celebrate what you DO have, not what you don’t. Watch the balance change from bitter to better.

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