Monsieur Robot – Triwa Shades

I’ve been meaning to post about Triwa shades for ages – it’s been literally months since I got them and only recently has the weather meant I had a chance to actually use them.  As you might have come to realise I post about sunglasses excitedly every year, largely because of my tacky obsession with them. Not the kind of tacky where you wear them on the tube (hello? there is no sun underground) but rather the kind of tacky where I have drawers and drawers full; and may even have them in every colour that you could possibly imagine. So I get pretty excited when I discover a new brand. Hailing from Stockholm (you know how much we love a bit of Scandi-chic here at Robot HQ), Triwa is actually an acronym for a Transforming the Industry of Watches, and that’s what Triwa have traditionally been associated with but this season they’ve branched out into sunglasses and are making some pretty damn nice ones too. Guess which ones I went for…

Did you guess? I went for number 2, the Henry in ivory. Look how well they go with a giant beard and tattoos, I mean, how could I say no? 

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