Monsieur Robot – Lazy Oaf SS13

Before the madness of LC: M begins I wanted to show you the new Summer collection from one of my favourite labels – Lazy Oaf. The designers at Lazy Oaf have managed to create a brand with a unique aesthetic that most top end designers can only dream of. While the vast majority of high street brands spend their time slavishly ripping off catwalk looks and lazily rehashing old ideas, Lazy Oaf churns out collection after collection of awesome street wear, imbued with their trademark sense of humour and subversive prints. In the same way that William Egglestone could make the mundane seem somehow humourous and fantastic; or John Waters could take low art and turn it into high art, Lazy Oaf can make hot dog prints and cutesy idiosyncratic hand-drawn illustrations into fashion. Check out the lookbook, don’t you love it?? 
Traduction – Avant la tornade des collections pour hommes, voici le lookbook de l’une de mes marques préférées: Lazy Oaf. 

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