Noiselle Pumps

This “Thing Of The Week” post if fast becoming a “Shoes Of The Week” – I suppose it isn’t an issue with anyone, we all like shoes here, right? Today, I would like to make a toast to comfortable heels. I know they are a thing of legend, only seen in fairytales where princesses meet princes and said princes don’t turn out to be major a**holes who don’t reply to text messages. No, the tales I talk about are filled with  princes who know how to use phones, text back and invite princesses over for drinks and hanky panky. And so princesses wear heels that are so comfortable they don’t feel the need to shed them as they flee from a rather boring masked ball to go and gallop away into the night with their prince, all the way to the local dive bar.

I suppose by now you are catching my drift: comfortable heels are a rarity. But while I was in Brussels hosting the Smets event, I met the magician behind Noiselle – Ellen Haselaars – who showed me her collection of heels (from 9.5 to 12cm) and let me have a little run around in them. As you know I am not at all of the towering stiletto kind, always preferring a statement flat or a thick heel so as not to make a fool of myself with a Bambi like walk. When Ellen presented me with the shoes, I laughed at first, totally incredulous… Then I put them on and as she was explaining the scientific research behind pressure points, foot support and insole lining, I started trotting around the store, slowly at first, but by the end of her speech, I was skipping around like a loon to the tune of “I can walk in heels, I can dance in heels, these are more comfortable than my Chelsea boots“.
Ellen was in London last week and we met up again. I left with my first pair of Noiselle shoes – and certainly not the last. This post is a massive thank you to Ellen and her brand Noiselle for making me a real woman, able to walk in lady heels.
Traduction – Des talons hauts vraiment confortables créés par la styliste belge Ellen Haselaars pour sa marque Noiselle. Une révélation.
Details – 9.5cm heel turquoise suede pumps, designed in Belgium and handmade in Italy with a special double comfort layer for extra shock absorption, support and comfort.

Retail Price – €269