Monsieur Robot X Dr Martens

When Dr. Martens asked me to style some boots from their SS13 collection I was understandably excited. Dr. Martens is an iconic brand in the true sense of the word. Now, I don’t want to get into semantics but a lot of brands claim to be ‘iconic’, they’re not. Dr. Martens footwear long ago transcended mere fashion and became a totemic item, one which holds a crucial place in the aesthetics of a whole host of sub-cultures ranging from skinheads and punks right up to modern day grunge revivalism. 

The classic Dr. Martens boot can invoke the memory of cultural change and of Britain’s musical heritage while projecting a subversive attitude more concisely that any other single item of clothing I can think of. The simple design has remained unaltered over the decades. Alongside the classic shoes and boots are reinterpretations in a mind boggling array of different colours, fabrics and embellishments – leading me to have a crippling case of choice paralysis when it came to my pick from the SS13 collection. In the end I opted for the Vintage 1460 Boot in Oxblood. I have literally always wanted a pair of these and I couldn’t be happier with them. 

But how to style them? Well Dr. Martens have some awesome clothes in their SS13 collection too, evocative of the sub-cultures I mentioned earlier, so why not go for a full on classic skinhead look? (without the skinhead bit). People keep trying to tell me acid wash jeans are “in” again, I haven’t seen much evidence of this, certainly not on anyone over the age of 12 but I do happen to have a pair from the last time they were supposedly “in” that I never got round to wearing, thankfully they’re perfect for the skinhead look. All I needed were some  braces and a check shirt. Et Voila! I should totally audition for the next series of This Is England  right?

I am wearing: Shirt, braces and boots – c/o Dr. Martens, T-Shirt – Jil Sander, Jeans – Sparks

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