Wish List – Miu Miu Madras Bag

I have a fairly extensive wardrobe, mainly filled with multiple iterations of the same item: several white shirts, multiple pairs of skinny jeans, a long line of statement flats and a lot of handbags. The common denominator between all my bags being that they are mostly colourful, which is great, but not always. 
I need a basic black crossbody bag. A nice one, please. After conducting extensive research in my underground fashion laboratory, I came to the following scientific conclusion: I want, sorry I need the Miu Miu Madras bag. So this is the latest item to grace my wish list. Let’s see how long it takes to save up for it, or if I can somehow find it on eBay (“a black bag? on eBay? you must be deluded“).
I mean just look at it! It is so perfect I almost need it in every colour (or in two-tone?). That would be greedy though.
Traduction – Je suis à la recherche d’un sac Miu Miu Madras noir.