Miu Miu Slippers

Anytime “statement” flats (or low heels) are in fashion, you will find me stocking up. Mind you, most of the time, you can find me stocking up on shoes anyway as it seems that despite having only 2 feet, I need 200 pairs of shoes. I ordered these Miu Miu Slippers on Vestiaire Collective at the beginning of the season with a voucher I was kindly given. I was familiar with the site, but hadn’t experienced it first hand, so I figured I’d hunt for these particular slippers on there as they had sold out/weren’t available at my regular haunts. I was expecting to find something similar, perhaps from a previous season, and most of all I thought the pair I would find would be used. Lo and behold, I got my hands (well my feet) on some brand new ones. This is the part I didn’t know about Vestiaire Collective and this is the part that pleases me (that and the fact the slippers were on my feet a mere 2 days after ordering them from France). There are loads of Miu Miu shoes on there at the moment, so you might want to have a look before I do!
Details: Embroidered velvet slippers with jewel heels by Miu Miu, available in burgundy, navy, black and hot pink.

Retail Price: £420 (found new for £300 on Vestiaire Collective)

Traduction: Chaussures Miu Miu trouvées sur Vestiaire Collective.