Monsieur Robot – Papercuts

I talk about many things other than fashion here on the blog, everything from music to art merits a mention as far as I’m concerned. One thing I’ve never talked about though, is books – not for any specific reason you understand. My good friends over at

Mr Porter have just launched their very first paperback which is as good a reason as any for me to start talking to you about books. THE MR PORTER PAPERBACK: The Manual for a Stylish Life Volume One is edited by Jeremy Langmead, and designed by David Pearson of Penguin books – so it’s a little more stylish than your average bestseller. Apart from advice on fashion the book also covers cars, interiors, design and music written with the help of architects and actors, in true Mr Porter style. There’s a Style Icons gallery, and a section called ‘The Knack’ (and how to get it) with illustrated guides to everything from dancing to bonding with your in-laws. They didn’t ask me for a quote to print on the dustjacket, but if they had I would have said “Essential reading for anyone with a penis“. Then again this is probably why they didn’t ask me in the first place.