Monsieur Robot – Givenchy Pre-Fall 13

Stop. Everything. Hold the phone. Sit your ass down and listen. Givenchy Pre-Fall 2013 is here. What animal will Ricardo put on a t-shirt this time? Sharks and Rottweilers are so last season. My money is on the humble sloth. Although maybe it’ll be the long nosed proboscis monkey. Or a woodlouse, woodlice are so hot right now. Wait, it’s a Doberman. Oh well, you can’t have everything.  Leather trousers are also totally happening (me and Dior Homme have been all over that sh*t since Summer) Ricardo Tisci has decided that leather trousers on their own just aren’t leathery enough, so we’re doing leather shorts on top, for that whole “I’m going to Cher’s birthday party” look. There’s also good news for perverts! That’s not a sentence I get to type very often. Check it out…

Traduction – Quel animal sera la star des tee-shirts Givenchy par Ricardo Tisci pour Pre-Fall 2013? 

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