Fashion Face Off – Christmas Jumpers

Fashion Foie Gras and Mademoiselle Robot fight to the death over Christmas jumpers… Whose side are YOU on?

Mademoiselle Robot – Before I start, I would like to offer a disclaimer of sorts: I am a December baby and I LOVE Christmas. Seriously I’ve already been to Winter Wonderland twice and I listen to the Beach Boys Christmas album on a loop. Heck I’ve already written the word “Christmas” three times in two sentences… 
There is only one little thing niggling at me every single year, something warm and cosy and REALLY annoying: Christmas jumpers. They belong in romantic comedies starring Renee Zellweger in granny pants where they adorn the chest of a socially awkward but weirdly adorable English gentleman. In that context, I can, I may be able to tolerate them (see also: on tiny little babies or pets)… But show me another grown man or woman proudly sporting a snowman/reindeer/winter scene knitted monstrosity on their chest and I will eat my Christmas tree. 
Once, I tried a Christmas jumper with an elf on, it looked like the elf had boobs for eyes. Fetching. I’ve seen a lot of googly eyed jumpers already this season, I tell you that much. Next thing you know there will be men roaming the streets in yuletide log leggings. What’s wrong with a nice plain jumper for Christmas? Feel free to style it up so it looks more festive, wear a brooch, cover yourself in tinsel, wear baubles as earrings to rock around the Christmas tree…  But keep your Christmas jumpers to feed the moths, and don’t come and tell me you wear yours with irony because I may just vomit garlands.

My selection of non-Christmas jumpers
Fashion Foie Gras – Tacky Christmas sweaters are all the rage and quite frankly I can’t get enough of them. The tackier the better, I say. Give me giant red pom poms, hundreds of sequins and ridiculous patterns for every day of the week building up to the big holiday ahead. Folks are finding these sweaters everywhere from Primark to Moschino. And let’s not forget charity shops where thousands of Christmas sweaters have been discarded from years’ past when grannies were gifting this trend and all of us were throwing them out our front door faster than they came in. If only we knew then what we know now… that a tacky, horrible Christmas sweater would be the biggest trend for December 2012.
So why am I so supportive of this trend? Well, I’ll start by admitting I’m the girl who listens to Christmas music in August just to put a smile on my face. So when I see a giant Santa Claus coming at me in the form of a sweatshirt design, I can’t help but smile from ear to ear. Even more to the point, I so enjoy watching how people are taking this trend and making it their own. Women aren’t just throwing on a Christmas sweater with a pair of jeans. We are seeing these ladies marching out in skinny leather pants and six inch Louboutins.
Use your Christmas sweaters to find your inner fearless fashionista and walk the street proudly knowing you are bringing holiday cheer to everyone around you!
Emily’s selection of Christmas jumpers

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