Wish List – Atterley Road

I am currently reaching a critical moment in my life where the stores I used to go to feel “too young” and some brands aimed at my age group feel “too old”. So it is always a matter of picking and choosing from various places, avoiding others and going home with a headache. You see, I don’t enjoy shopping. Online shopping is fine, but I detest afternoons spent wandering around from shop to shop. Enter Atterley Road, a website seemingly aimed at people like me who are in their thirties, don’t like shopping so much and sometimes feel overwhelmed by too many choices on some sites. The selection on Atterley Road is well curated and boasts brands such as Whistles (always a winner), MiH jeans (a favourite), IRO (vive la France!) or Day Birger Mikkelsen (you can never go wrong). The prices are reasonable too, which is always a plus!
I thought I’d list a few of my favourites from the site, to get reacquainted with the joys of online shopping/browsing.
Traduction – Atterley Road est en train de devenir l’une de mes e-boutiques favorites. Voici les pièces que je convoite en ce moment sur le site.
1 – Farhi Spot Dress (£220), 2 – MiH Oversized White Shirt (£146), 3 – Day Birger Mikkelsen Cocoon Coat (£289), 4 – Charli Boyfriend Cardigan (£140), 5 – IRO Jumper (£95)