What Monsieur Wore – Studs & Stuff

Following on from my post about studded accessories from a few weeks ago, I was on the search for some winter boots. I’d decided to go for cherry red DM’s (8 holes if you’re asking) but when I ventured into the Dr Martens store I discovered they have about ten billion different styles that I love. Choice paralysis ensued. I bought some DM’s a few years ago but I rarely wear them, the ones I chose are a little too plain (I can’t seem to rock them at all). So I decided to go for some DM’s which are, well, let’s just say they’re anything but plain. Cherry red and covered in gold studs, they’re a thing of true beauty.  Now I’m all “Boots? What boots? LOOK AT MY SHOES“.  They are kind of focus-stealing as far as an outfit goes so I’m playing the rest on the understated side. The coat is from All Saints, it has a kind of Rick Owens vibe but really I’m in love with the huge lapels. The jumpers and scarf are also from All Saints, the jeans are J Brand Denim (via Matches).
Traduction – Mon obsession pour les clous continue. Mais si je porte des clous quelque part, je garde le reste de ma tenue simple.