Jessica De Lotz Rings

I’ve known Jessica De Lotz for a few years, admired her style and later her jewellery. When looking at Jessica, at the intricacy of her personal style, at the amount of details on every single one of her outfits, it is no surprise that she would produce the most whimsical, magical jewellery pieces, all inspired by her childhood spent in her daddy’s bookshop. I wear The Key To The Door Ring and my Personalised Key Style Ring every single day without fault, like some sort of amulets. Jessica’s creations are available via Boticca (who are currently offering free shipping by the way).
Details: The Key To The Door Ring is silver with 18 carat yellow or rose gold plating. The stones for this collection spell “love”  – L (Lapis Lazuli), O (Opal), V (Vermeil/Garnet), E (Emerald). The Personalised Key Style Ring is silver with 18 carat yellow or rose gold plating and can of course be customised with your own initials.

Retail Price: £135 & £75 
If you use the code ROBOT20 at checkout on Boticca you will get 20% off until the 12th of December (only one use per person) 

Traduction – Deux bagues créées par Jessica De Lotz sont devenues mes amulettes.