Jay Ahr SS13

My new life plan is to try and avoid Fashion Week(s) and all other stress inducing events. So far, it is working pretty well and my sanity levels are way higher than they used to be back in the days (oh ye olden days) when I forced myself to traipse around London and/or Paris, camera in hand. The downside of this is that I miss out on the fleeting beauty of it all. For example, I missed the Jay Ahr presentation in Paris in September – amongst many others – which is a shame as I had seen some  rough sketches beforehand and it already looked pretty amazing.

To cut a long and rather mundane story short, just before I left for L.A. Jonathan Riss was in London, showcasing Jay Ahr’s SS13 collection at the grand (and rather saucy at night fall from what I gather) 33 Portland Place. I’ve known Jonathan for a little while and so we have discussed his design process at length, I’ve been up close and personal with his magical embroidery artwork (a few pieces were on display at the presentation as well) and I’ve heard a lot about this collection before actually seeing it… Well it lived up to my high expectations. It is quite rare for me to be taken by a collection which isn’t really “my style” – I am definitely not glamourous enough to be the Jay Ahr girl – but I was surprised to find that quite a few pieces would find their place very easily in my closet.

Traduction – Des photos prises lors de la présentation Jay Ahr à Londres il y a quelques semaines.