Bonds & Britain

When it comes to lingerie, there are two types: the sets you wear to prance around in your boudoir and the sets you wear everyday. At least this is my rule. As you guessed, Bonds is definitely the everyday type – their undies are fun, colourful and comfortable. I discovered the brand a few years ago through a friend from New Zealand and have been howling at the moon since, wondering when it would finally be available in the UK. Well it is now chose faite as from today you will be able to stock up on Bonds undies at John Lewis. Good old John, you can always count on him to make you happy. Some Key Bonds items will be available for both women and men. I am pretty sure by now all my lovely Aussie readers in the UK are doing the happy pants dance, so why don’t we all join in?

I was sent a few of the pieces that will be available, which include the tube bra (with removable straps – perfect combination bra) and my personal favourites the classic bikini bottoms. They are so cute I may actually start prancing around in them everyday. Win/win. 
Traduction – Les dessous Bonds arrivent au Royaume-Uni et seront vendu chez John Lewis.