Saint Bustier

Boobs. We all have them. We all complain about them, some of us more than others. “They are too small“, “They are too big“, “I can’t find clothes that fit“, “Every PR in London knows my cup size“. I know I am guilty of at least 3 out of the 4 previous moans. You guessed it, I am focusing on serious rackage today. Big boobs are both a blessing and a curse. When undressed, they are great, an excellent and welcome addition to the family. Fashion wise, it is a different story altogether. I am a size UK12 with a rather small back (32) and a large cup size (F). That means basically when I shop for dresses, I have to buy a size 14 to fit my boobs in, which means the rest of the fit isn’t great. I refuse to dress myself in what is supposed to be good for boobs (wrap dresses and fifties housefrau costumes) and I certainly don’t want to go down the various routes on offer on the high street at the moment. I want my designer fix and I want it to fit over my bazoongas. Mostly, it does if I am completely honest with you, but sometimes it doesn’t, or sometimes I’d like to be able to wear a bra with a dress that was clearly designed with the more petite breasted women in mind. 
Enter Saint Bustier, a brand new site for well… Bustier ladies. Their ethos is simple: they buy for boobs. Yes, you read right… They look at all the high end brands (and a few mid-range ones too) and pick only the items that will fit nicely on busty girls. Of course, they try everything on their models (who have boobs ranging from E to GG and clothes sizes from 10 to 14) and then decide if the items in question are worthy of going up on the site or not. To me, this is a complete game changer, essentially the Net à Porter of boobies (*snigger* I said “boobies“). This is the end of the dark ages for busty women. I met the Saint Bustier girls last month and they are all so adorable too, you mainly just want to give them a great big hug and say “thank you” for coming up with this. Then you want to steal their adorable poodle Tola.
A few brands available on the site at the moment: Aidan Mattox, Bastyan, Baum und Pferdgarten, Second Female, Damsel in a Dress and many more… Have a look for yourself.
Traduction – Bonne nouvelle pour les filles  à forte poitrine, Saint Bustier est là. L’équipe du site sélectionne les vêtements adaptés aux grosses poitrines parmi les collections “normales” de créateurs. Vous pouvez dire adieu aux cache-coeurs et autres tenues de mémé.

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