Paris Must See – Chloé Attitudes

I don’t normally write about the things I do “behind the scenes” on the blog. But this is a project I’ve loved working on so much I just had to tell you about it. Since this Summer, I’ve been working with Guided and Chloé on the social media and blogger outreach side of the digital exhibition that will support the Chloé retrospective curated by Judith Clark at the Palais de Tokyo in Paris.
I’ve been in touch with 26 really cool ladies who will each represent one letter of the Chloé alphabet (as created by founder Gaby Aghion in 1952. Each of them will interpret a letter and a theme in their own way on their blog and will give you their vision of the Chloé world. The first 5 letters (C,H,L,O and E) went online today and I couldn’t be happier!
If you find yourself in Paris anytime between September 29th (that’s Saturday – how time flies!) and November 18th I strongly encourage you to go and lose yourself in Chloé Attitudes, which is the first exhibition dedicated to the brand. What a great way to celebrate its 60th anniversary!
Traduction – Je ne parle normalement pas de mes activités en dehors du blog, mais ce projet avec Chloé me tient particulièrement à coeur. Je travaille dessus depuis cet été et je suis en charge de la partie “social media” de l’expo digitale. Je suis en contact avec 26 filles super chouettes qui ont chacune une lettre de l’alphabet Chloé (créé par Gaby Aghion en 1952) à interpreter à leur façon. 

Si vous êtes à Paris entre le 29 Septembre et le 18 Novembre, allez faire un tour au Palais de Tokyo, vous ne serez pas déçues!

All images are from the Chloé Archives