MRLA – Beach House / Stella McCartney Resort 2013 / Lana Del Rey

Maurice gives a quick review of the new Beach House single, shares his favourite pieces from the Stella McCartney resort 2013 collection and takes you front row at Lana Del Rey’s show at El Rey.

Dream Pop duo Beach House is back with their 4th album “Bloom” released last month. Here is the video for “Lazuli” the first single that came out a few days ago. “Bloom” is destined to be one of this year’s best albums, an excellent essential for these upcoming hot Summer nights!
Traduction – Le duo dream pop Beach House revient avec son 4ème album “Bloom” sorti le mois dernier. Je vous présente la vidéo de “Lazuli” le premier single issu de cet album. Un essentiel pour l’été.

I love Stella McCartney‘s Resort 2013 holograms and pastels, hot pinks and hyper colors, floral wallpaper and leopard prints, amazing combinations that make it so fresh and so modern! Some elements of this collection particularly remind me of Linda McCartney’s style back in the 70s, where I’m sure she always finds inspiration. These are my favourite pieces.
Traduction – La collection Resort 2013 de Stella McCartney m’enchante: tissus holographique, couleurs pastels ou flashy, imprimés papier peint et léopard, autant de combinaisons qui rendent cette collection fraîche et moderne. Certains éléments me rappellent le style de Linda McCartney dans les années 70. 

I went to see Lana del Rey, I must confess I’m not familiar with her songs, but my friend Stephanía gave me a few free tickets for the show so I decided to go see what the whole hype was about. Indeed she was very amusing and lovely, the show was dark and sentimental just like her music. I went with my friend Michael and I met up with a girl who contacted me through a friend and was looking for tickets for the show since it was sold out, so I gave her an extra one I had. She was really nice and we watched the whole show together. Lana was an amazing and gracious performer. It was a magical night.
Traduction – Bien que n’étant pas familier des chansons de Lana Del Rey, j’ai assisté à son concert à El Rey sur l’invitation de mon amie Stephanía. Lana était vraiment charmante et drôle, ses chansons sombres et sentimentales. C’était une soirée magique.