Monsieur Robot – Mosley Tribes

What do Corey Hart, Robert Downey Jr, Jeremy Scott and Kanye West have in common? Monsieur Robot has the answer.

In the immortal words of Corey Hart “I wear my sunglasses at night / So I can keep track of the visions in my mind”. That doesn’t make any sense at all does it? I suppose “I wear my sunglasses at night / Because I enjoy looking like a massive douche” didn’t have quite the same ring to it. Seriously though, sunglasses are one of my (many) vices, and I’ll wear them when and wherever I want, call me what you will. I thought I’d pretty much covered all bases in my collection, from vintage Cazal’s to Jeremy Scott. My favourite pair were Bottega Venetta  but these had to be retired after I saw Kanye West in them (b*tch stole my look). 
Thankfully I came across Mosley Tribes recently, a brand born in Hollywood whose designs are inspired not by high fashion but by street culture – using musicians (check out the supercute microphone motif on the arms), artists and urban sports stars as both muses and models.  The SS12 collection was inspired by Jun Cha, Dianne Garcia, Victor Garibay and Indio Downey. Indio happens to be Robert Downey Jr.’s son, plays guitar in his band The Seems and he’s only 18. I hate him. Anyway check out the Mosley Tribes tribes shades as modelled by Indio.
Traduction – Je viens de découvrir la marque américaine Mosley Tribes. Leur spécialité? Des lunettes de soleil qui s’inspirent de la culture de rue et choisi comme muses et mannequins des musiciens, artistes et sportifs. La collection printemps 2012 est inspirée par Jun Cha, Dianne Garcia, Victor Garibay et Indio Downey (le fils de Robert Downey Jr, graour). Indio a 18 ans et est le guitariste du groupe The Seams.