Wish List – Felice SS12

Today, I thought I’d introduce you to Felice Art Couture, a brand new fashion & loungewear brand hailing from Munich. Since I am going to spend the next month on house arrest working on a book, loungewear is definitely on my mind. And when I say loungewear, I don’t mean leggings and a novelty tee-shirt. I mean serious loungewear. Stuff that wet dreams are made of. Silky stuff. Stuff you can leave your house in, dare I say. I don’t guarantee you won’t come home with 55 drooling men running after you though, so pack your “Perve Be Gone” cream just in case. I accept no responsibility.
Felice’s SS12 is just a collection of solid, classic pieces all made out of the finest materials (including silk that’s as soft as the softest cat you can think of) and I dare you not to love the David Hamilton inspired lookbook. I was originally going to suggest some of the pieces would make great gifts for Mother’s Day, but really I think you should keep them to yourselves… unless you want to give gifts to the best mum you know, which is erm… me.

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