The Nina Diary – New York, New York

Hi Darlings,

Sorry for my long absence! New York was super crazy but good, I just got back on European soil and slept for 13 hours. I always take photos of planes at airports. I am a nerd that way!

I landed in NY for the last leg of fashion week. People asked what I was “doing” for fashion week. Well I was holed up in my studio putting the finishing touches on the fw12 collection and the look book! I also rediscovered the perfect combination of coffee and muffins.
I had a lovely studio visit by Rebecca of The Clothes Horse and Erin of Calivintage. We do it every season.

Two awesome girls picked up the brochures I had printed at a small printer in Zurich and brought them to me in N. They also met me at 7.30am on Monday morning to go to the Capsule show with me. I was really lucky to have an awesome team with me, steaming all the pieces and putting last touches on things while I arranged the Toujours Toi jewellery. They found more hangers and all the little things you only remember when the show is about to start.
The Capsule show went really well. It was three days of intense, focused work and it was great to see friendly faces. The “Phone Home” FW12 collection was really well received and even ended up no. 2 in Nylon magazine’s Top 8 Capsule selection. Toujours Toi was at no.7! I never  have any idea if people will actually like a collection. It’s a bigger collection this time. I really pushed it this season and I am happy I did.
So after ten days of working nonstop, we took the Hampton Jitney bus out to the Northfork to celebrate my dear friend Garance’s birthday.
Thrifting, sunshine, friends, the ocean and good coffee = heaven!

I thrifted this old Samsonite suitcase which I personalised. 

 Spring/Summer 12 arrived and it looks good! 
I usually drop off the collection in person at my NY stores, such as Albertine (13 Christopher Street).

I just finished uploading SS12 online!  I managed to get so lost on my way to watch The Oscars at my friend Barbara who lives Uptown (I kept on getting on wrong subways and missing trains due to being distracted and weird weekend schedules) that it took me two hours to get there! The Oscars are long so I “just” missed the red carpet. While I rode around in wrong subways I actually got a lot of work done, writing all the style inspirations and description. When you have your own fashion label you can’t wait for inspiration to strike, you basically have to get on it when you have some time!

This is at my local Fedex shipping place! This was a couple of hours before I left for the airport and I picked up some shipping papers. On the way to the airport I asked my kind cabdriver to stop here so I could drop off the boxes which I loaded in his trunk along with my three suitcases. The place was closed because everyone was at the mosque! We had to drive around finding another shipping place. Deep breaths… I made it! Both the shipping and the flight. 

See you later NY, remember; I LOVE YOU!