MRLA – Madonna / Feminine & Masculine/ Pulp Nite / La Mi-Ja

Monday was officially MDNA Monday all over the world to debut her 12th studio album. Yes, she’s back. And looking smashing! Her latest video “Girl Gone Wild” is very nostalgic of early 90s aesthetics and ethics. What’s old is new again and in full force for 2012! Here’s to 50 years more to the one and only (and a fellow Leo) Queen of Pop!

Feminine & Masculine is a shoe label 100% hand-made in México by Francisco Rodriguez. Established in 2008 he is now presenting his new S/S2012 collection inspired by the 50’s, California, Joseph Sterling’s youths all in a nostalgic hue,  interpreting contemporary designs in traditional ways utilizing unique elements. Here are my favourite pieces…


Last week was Pulp Nite at the always popular Sunday soirée Part-Time Punks. The dj played  every single one of my favorite Pulp songs! With their big reunion coming to Coachella this year, everybody seems to be getting into the revival of 90’s Brit Pop. I can’t wait to see them again! 

In Tijuana, I went to the opening reception for La Mi-ja a new lounge bar inside La Mezcalera the brainchild of owners Sérgio González & César Férnandez, designed in post-modern chinese with Mexican attributes, a colorful dance floor that lights up and a huge picture of the Virgin watching over the room painted by local artist Victor Sandoval. A successful night for them and an amazing night for me! Here are some highlights of both parties.
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