Monsieur Robot – Oscar Jacobson #MBSFW

One of my highlights in Stockholm this season was a designer I’ll shamefully admit I had never heard of before. Oscar Jacobson happens to be one of the oldest men’s clothing brands in Scandinavia. 

Set up in 1903, it’s a bit of an heritage brand. It takes quite a lot to get me excited about suits, but there was a bit of drama to the Oscar Jacobson show, or more specifically a bit of Grand Guignol. The AW12/13 collection is based on Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, apparently the collection’s colour palette and aesthetic each represent either Jekyll or Hyde. So lets see if we can tell who is who…
I would say Jekyll but the moustache is a bit Hyde right?
Jekyll for sure
Hyde at the prom
The other reason I loved the Oscar Jacobson show was the music. A live band at Berns salon played classical music for Dr. Jekyll, but when Mr. Hyde graced the runway the band played the Suspiria theme. Rarely do Dario Argento and fashion overlap but I get pretty excited when they do. So it’s no big surprise that I’m more of a Hyde man than a Jekyll. The midnight blue double breasted tuxedo is a suit worth getting excited about. Plus I’m a sucker for a good cape.
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