Monsieur Robot – Christopher Shannon, Catwalk to Kidda!

Christopher Shannon is one of LFW menswear day’s big hitters. It’s a curiously British aesthetic, feeding off urban street styles and projecting a tough edgy image. It’s one of those looks that are impossible to fake – tracksuit bottoms, while ubiquitous on streets don’t often make it onto the catwalk, which is pure fashion snobbery. In the hands of Christopher Shannon, sportswear becomes couture and street style becomes high fashion. 

The other thing I love about Christopher Shannon are his prints. I don’t much care for subtle – brash logos and loud patterns are my bag, why blend in when you can STAND OUT? Street wear has no time for the understated or muted and neither do I. Check out the AW12/13 logotastic looks. 

Pretty sweet huh? By this point I imagine you’re shaking your piggy bank, listing your worldy possessions on eBay and looking down the back of the sofa for spare change in order to fund your Christopher Shannon purchases, right? Well don’t panic because I have good news for you. The geniuses over at asos have teamed up with Christopher Shannon to bring you Kidda a totally kick ass range of Christopher Shannon clothes that don’t come with a massive price tag. 

Kidda perfectly sums up the Christopher Shannon look and boils down to a few simple easy pieces, sweatshirts, t-shirts, vests and joggers. Good old asos… Cover me in glue and roll me in logos! 

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