Good Shoes

Earlier this month, I was invited to the launch of the Zalando Collection pop-up shop in Berlin. I unfortunately couldn’t attend as I was busy eating my way through California, but I am sure you already read about the opening on Shini’s and Carrie’s blogs. Basically, the German giant decided that selling loads and loads of brands just wasn’t enough, so they went and designed their very own collection, divided into three trends: New Retro, Sci Tec and Modern Tribal. The prices range from £30 to £150 and it seems to me a lot of thought has gone into putting together the collection. 

To make up for the fact I couldn’t come and hang out in Berlin to see the collection in person, the lovely folks at Zalando offered to send me something from the new range. Without seeing the clothes in person, I thought the safest bet was to ask for a pair of shoes… They greeted me when I returned from Paris earlier this week and I must say I am very impressed. Although they may be the highest pair of heels without platform I own, so I am not sure how much wear I will actually get out of them, but I will definitely try!
The shoe frenzy isn’t over yet… Back in January, I was asked by Upper Street to design a pair of shoes, so I of course obliged. Aren’t I the nicest? I’ve been looking everywhere for a pair of nude two-tone flats that were comfortable while looking fairly interesting and couldn’t find anything I liked, so when came the time to design my own shoes, this is what I went for. 
There is a very wide choice of materials, colours and embellishments on the site, which makes it great fun, even if you don’t want to buy anything. You can actually save your designs in your “collection” and order them if and when you have the funds. The shoes don’t come cheap (mine were approximately £200), but they are worth every penny. The quality is really great and the joy of wearing something you designed yourself is pretty priceless. Before I start sounding too much like a visa advert, I will leave you with my shoes.
Designed by me, made by Upper Street