You Are invited to the @Forever21 Party

This Thursday (16th February), I will be at the Oxford Street Forever 21 Store doing my thing… What’s my thing apart from talking nonsense? Well… I can give styling advice, show you how to wear this season’s trends and later and also I will be playing some serious jams later on in the day. You really wouldn’t want to miss that now, would you? Everyone is invited, so feel free to bring a friend or ten. The event starts at 4pm and there is going to be lots and lots of fun stuff happening so you definitely want to come. I will be DJing from 5 to 7.30pm and before that I will be pottering around the store and I am always happy to have a heated debate on the subject of “pastels vs brights” or “1920s vs 60s”. 
If you don’t want to meet me, that’s totally fine (although definitely your loss), but you may want to meet the other bloggers who will be participating in the event – there are 3 of them. If you are bored at work today, I suggest you embark in a giant internet investigation to find out who the other 3 ladies are. Then you can come back and let me know if you guessed. I give you a tip: 2 of them have the same name and the other one starts with a A.
This is me modelling H to T just like Auntie Tyra taught me. The whole outfit is from Forever 21 and I even ended up buying the jeans cos I liked them that much. 
And this is me demonstrating my fake browsing skills. Can you tell whether I am truly reflecting upon this pair of white lace-ups or merely pretending? I didn’t think so. TRY AGAIN!

Seriously, come. In case you don’t know the address, it is below. Now you don’t have any excuses.
360 Oxford Street
Thursday 16th February 
From 4pm, with me DJing from 5-7.30.