Affordable Luxury

I was going to start this post like a Chloë Sevigny spoof video and say something like “it has recently come to my attention we are in a recession“. I still could, mind you, this is my blog and I am allowed cheesy opening lines from time to time. Who said I do it all the time? You at the back, get out. 

It is true though, now isn’t the time to spend thousands of pounds on clothes. I am not sure there is ever a time that justifies such frivolous spending, but that’s another story. Actually it isn’t such a different story since the two sites I was planning on writing about today are actually here to stop you from spending your money (well at least from spending too much of it).  In the case of Covetique, not only will you not be spending money, you may earn some if you have a closet full of unused designer items. 
I have a few items on sale on Covetique – not that I have a closet full of unused designer items, but I had a few bits and pieces that weren’t getting enough love – and so far I’ve been really pleased with the service. You see, one of the reasons I really can’t be bothered to sell stuff on eBay is because of the hassle of the trips to the post office, non paying buyers etc. I sell high-street and vintage items on my Facebook page as some of you know, but for more expensive pieces, I needed someone to help. Covetique estimates the value of items (very fairly), picks them up from your house and then takes care of the dispatch… all while you just sit there and wait for the money to land in your bank account. 
If you look at the image below, you will see a Miu Miu coat – well, that’s mine. And it could be yours.
Wish Want Wear, is a tried and tested model: it simply is a designer rental place. You pick a dress, bag or piece of jewellery, pay a fairly low fee and get to wear it for a week or more. They are especially good at party pieces and they stock some great statement necklaces (including the Dannijo number I wore during Stockholm Fashion Week). I think the best thing about Wish Want Wear is that they have a few vintage Chanel bags in their books – just in case you didn’t know, a new Chanel bag will set you back around £3,000 and vintage ones go for around £2,000. It is a no brainer really: if you have that kind of cash to spend, go on a really nice holiday with your boyfriend and rent a bag for £100. 
Alternatively, if you wanted to treat yourself – it is pretty nice from time to time –  and purchase a Chanel bag, why not first try it out by renting one from WWW? After prancing around with it for a week, trying it with all your clothes, you will soon find out whether or not you are a Chanel girl. Take me for example, I’ve been toying with the idea of a Chanel 2.55 for a while, but a/ the price put me off, I don’t think I agree with spending that much on a bag and b/ well I don’t have a B. However, I really enjoyed being able to borrow a bag for a while. 
What I also know is that I really want to buy this Dannijo necklace.