Who’s Next Paris – Day 3 #wsn12

Today, I am completing my imaginary outfits… I’ve seen clothes, I’ve seen bags… Let’s have a look at shoes. Despite owning over 70 pairs, I am still on the look out for something new for next season. The selection shown at the Mess Around didn’t disappoint. I give you: two discoveries and a favourite.
Deux Souliers
I don’t know where to start here as I want every single pair produced by this Spanish label launched in 2010. It is probably a good thing I only found out about them now as I would be completely broke otherwise, and drowning in shoes. Deux Souliers make my favourite type of shoe: granny shoes with an attitude. The shoes are made with natural materials, with an emphasis on details and versatility (a lot of their designs have removable spats).
Minna Parikka
There is no need to introduce the wonderful world of Miss Parikka, not on this blog anyway! In case you haven’t read it, have a look at my interview of Minna (from 2009). The lady is a super talent in the world of shoe design and she basically makes my shoe dreams come true. Here is a selection of images from her AW13 collection. I dare you not to fall in love with the bunny heels.
As companies like Upper Street & co have shown, there is definitely a place on the market for custom made shoes. I like to call this affordable luxury. We can’t all have shoes made entirely to measure and specifications, but we can certainly indulge in standardised customisation. George’s is a family company offering their customers an extremely wide choice of colours, materials and shapes, all handmade in Majorca. Their price point is very reasonable too: a simple brogue will set you back €250 while boots go up to €300. Definitely worth saving for!