The Nina Diary – Anxiety is trending

Hello beauties,
Lots of things have happened in the past two week such as *drumroll* I GOT AN iPHONE! Or in the words of my best friend “you finally entered the 21st century“. It means I joined Instagram and I love it! I think my instagram handle is “toujourstoi-familyaffairs” if you want to join the party. More than ever I have been taking pictures of things that make me happy, things that inspire me and make me feel like I have a life! Sometimes between “stress of production” & “sampling new collection” it doesn’t feel like that.
As I just told my friend James “Anxiety is Trending” those fashion season deadlines can’t be moved, the trade shows starts when they start and fashion week won’t wait for our samples etc. It’s the same craziness every season, which somehow doesn’t make me feel any better… 
Here are some of my anti-anxiety medicines: croissants, tea, trees, friends and thrifting. I work really hard and I also drink tea really hard. I have to have these fun little glimpses in the midst of work madness.
Best way to start a day

Lunch at Bodega with our old neighbours. That was right before I ran (my only exercise) to pick up patterns from my mum and prototypes from our seamstress at a designated spot in the city, like a fashion drug dealer.

I then ran home, repacked and sorted the patterns and prototypes and ran to the post office to courier it for sampling. I forgot to put on shoes and left the house in my slippers, it was too late to turn back though. Can you believe that half a collection and all of my anxiety is in this cute Majorcan basket!?

I buy myself flowers…

… And I window shop fairytales.
I bought a brilliant pencil holder that lifts my spirit every time I see it

As a kid I was totally obsessed with all my story books and sometimes I still look at them. This is one called “Upside Down Medicine”

I watched too much “Million Dollar Decorator”. I do a really good Martyn Lawrence Bullard impression and sometimes just want to buy endless amounts of furniture!

I was contemplating buying this hand painted doll closet to store my jewelry supplies in.

High Tea with Andrea and Vale at Cafe Schober…

Oh and look at those trees!!

And then I go home and work on ss12 and fw12 paper trails again..until 2am

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