MRLA – Trust / Best of tumblr / NYE / Hi-Fashion & Professor Possessor Live

Toronto based duo Trust released their new single “Bulbform” this week. It is from  TRST, their full-lenght debut album out February 28th. Dark synth-pop & cold wave infused is the side project of Maya Postepski of Austra and Robert Alfons. This year’s soundtrack is starting on the right foot!
I came across three new favourite Tumblrs this week and I just had to share them with you…
An homage to Madonna’s teenage daughter and the future of pop culture.

A collection of mugshots from hot american babes across the country that urges you to like the best one.
Single available straight boys just hanging out. You can email and get to know them! Even Terry Richardson if you are so inclined.
Party time after the jump…

New Year’s Eve was pretty awesome. I ended going to Pacific Palisades to a party that seemed straight out of a John Hughes movie: two siblings throw a party while the parents are away and they invite everyone they know. It was a classic night of the good kind of debauchery. It’s always lovely to reunite with friends for such an occasion. I feel very lucky to have had a wonderful year and looking forward to the new one. 
Last Wednesday I finally got to see Hi-Fashion & Professor Possesor, who I wrote about months ago on here. 
We were going to throw a party together last October, but it didn’t happen because of venue problems so finally after all this time we met!
I got there fashionably late (as always) and to my luck when Actually performed I realized my battery camera was dead! But I went over to the bar and charged it… I missed out on taking photos of her lovely performance that night. Afterwards Professor Possessor came on and delivered their set with such energy and sounded great! I’m really looking forward to seeing them live more often. Hi-Fashion Jen DM’s powerful voice in alliance with Rick Gradone’s beats and their dancers’ choreography creates and amazing visual and auditive combo on stage. Here are some of the highlights of the night.
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