Monsieur Robot – Holiday!

I was going to start this post by quoting the lyrics to Madonna’s ‘Holiday‘ – but having just read them they don’t sound particularly exciting without the music (seriously, try it, it’s weird). I haven’t been on holiday for a very long time and I’ve decided to right that wrong in 2012. But before I can shop for flights and get all voyeuristic about hotel websites I need to think about BAGS. You CANNOT go for a glamourous break without a glamourous bag, that’s just a fact. So here are my top 3…

The Bladon

Ok so this bad boy is way into 4 figures but the Dunhill Bladon 48 Hour bag has ‘dirty yet sophisticated weekend’ written all over it. Not sure I’d be going anywhere too exotic if I buy this one though.

The Obligatory Prada One

This one is red. And it’s made by Prada. SOLD! Imagine how good it would look slowly rotating on the baggage carousel. Plus inside it has really luscious and weirdly sexy leather straps and buckles. You’d obviously have to fill it with Prada clothes too. Obviously.
The Margiela
I don’t normally think of Margiela when I’m looking for bags and this one looks like it would need to be taken on a very specific kind of holiday. You wouldn’t want that for the beach, you’d have to go looking at interesting architecture with this one. Perhaps tuck an impressive book in there too, Proust or Baudelaire, that kind of thing. At least this one is in the Mr. Porter sale, which would leave me some money to actually buy a flight. Which would be a good start…
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