MRLA – Lorelle Meets the Obsolete Amanda Lepore

Lorelle meets the Obsolete is a shoegaze/psych band I came across while I’m visiting Guadalajara, Mexico. I fell in love with their new video “These days” and with Lorelle’s lovely face and voice. Looks like my winter soundtrack collection is getting yet another addition. 

Last weekend I was invited to the launch of Amanda Lepore‘s  new album “I… Amanda Lepore” at Runway. I went to the shindig with my friend Sean Delear, and we met up with Amanda after her performance. To my surprise Raja was there, as well as James St. James, interviewing her for his local show. I found myself thinking “these are two of the last famous party monsters from that generation, still standing, still partying. Their legendary ways will inspire future club kids all over…”  As I looked around the room, I noticed the younger crowd watching with fascination. The party itself was fun, Amanda gave her all and undressed entirely for her show, letting us see the beautiful woman she has become. She’s petite, soft spoken, very polite and intelligent. I chatted with her for a few minutes and she was very happy to see L.A. kids supporting her. Here are some images from the night as well the classic video for Tiga’s “Sunglasses at night” featuring Amanda Lepore.



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