Tourne de Transmission

Tourne de Transmission‘s début collection has just about blown my tiny mind. Every now and again when I’m getting dressed I have a bit of a strop because pretty much everything I own is either black or white. But really, that’s how I like it. There’s a lot of purple stuff too, but that’s because I love Prince, and days when I dress like Prince, well those are good days, but I digress…
There’s a certain sophistication to monochrome wardrobes. Plus everything goes with everything so so you can stumble out of bed, throw anything on and run out the door safe in the knowledge that you haven’t made some horrible colour clashing sartorial mistake (this never happens to Prince). 
The Tourne de Transmission designs evoke a classic graphic design quality. Drawing on a gothic, Peter Saville/Joy Division vibe, run through a vintage Raf Simons filter the t-shirts have a certain drama that transcends the mundanity of the plain old t-shirt.
The designs have a beautiful symmetry and a knowing nod to newspaper design and mise en page of the 1900s. With the combination of exquisite typeface and  use of roman numerals – (spelling out 2010, the year the label was created) – Tourne de Transmission have created a bauhaus-esque modern aesthetic.
To be honest I’m grateful they don’t come in purple, I’m not sure I’d be able to take it…
Tourne de Transmission is available exclusively at coggles 
Words by Warren Beckett
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