Wishlist – Bloombury AW11/12

I don’t often post the lookbooks I get sent because most of the time I look at them and think “hmmm… yeah… ok. I will take photos of some details at the press day”. I am professional like that. Then, from time to time, something lands in my inbox and makes me go wild with excitement. It was the case with the Bloombury collection photos, received yesterday. Something about their subtly feminine austerity made me go all warm and fuzzy inside. This is perhaps because I am all over tailoring at the minute and Bloombury has pretty much captured exactly the type of tailoring I want to wear.
The brand started in 2010 and is based in London and according to the website it aims to create high-end day wear with androgynous femininity (my computer just tried to change this to “felinity” by the way, people. Thought you might like to know that). 
I am currently visualising their advertising campaign which would include me walking around in Bloomsbury wearing Bloombury. So guys, are you coming over to close that deal or what?
If like me you are now obsessed with wearing ONLY Bloombury for the rest of your life, here is a list of their London stockists:

West Village (South Kensington)
Olive loves Alfie (Islington)
Sixty 6 in St Johns Wood 

All images courtesy of Bloombury
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