Introducing MRNY and MRLA

About once a year, I make a change to this blog. The change I am making now is more of an addition, or an expansion if you prefer. I am taking on board three new contributors and the twist is that they are based in America. One in New York and two in Los Angeles.

They will be reporting from parties, events and generally all the fun stuff they do over there. But let me introduce them to you…

Pretty sweet, right? I will tell you more about both of them with their very first posts…

Their posts will fill the weekend spots and I am sure you will love them! As for the third contributor, it’s a surprise, but I can tell you he is based in L.A. too.

Of course you will still have the usual Friday post by the one and only Monsieur Robot and all the other days, ramblings from me. Seriously guys, you are spoilt.

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