Topshop Unique AW12

For some totally obscure reason I can’t remember, I missed the Topshop Unique show last Fashion Week. It could have been a case of Fashion Week overload, or clashing shows, or the Fashion Flu (or maybe I was just put off by the previous season, who knows). All I know is that as soon as images of the show started to appear, I instantly regretted not attending, looked at my languishing ticket and wept. I am pretty emotional during Fashion Week, I swear normally I am a cold hearted robot.
Thankfully, while at the Arcadia Press Day, I came face to face with the collection in all its animalistic glory. I had reached the promised land. Car prints! Dog prints! Dalmatian prints! Fluffy coats! Giant plush fox head stole! I knew they existed already, but please allow me to vent my excitement here. STUFF I LIKE. Someone made stuff I like!!! Stuff I like I can afford!! And that will look nice on me!! 
But enough about me. It truly is a lovely collection, with pieces reminding me slightly of Orla Kiely (the car print dress), interesting textures mixed together to create strange tactile experiences you didn’t know were possible on a top, matching accessories etc. Yes, ladies, you can match your dalmatian shoes with your dalmatian handbag. But if you prefer, you can wear car print shoes (change just one letter and you basically have Miu Miu SS10 shoes, I mean nothing).
It gets better: Peter Pan collars are absolutely all over everything. And I am all over everything. If you need me, I will be chained to the front of the big Topshop in my underwear, waiting for someone to cover me in dalmatian prints, peter pan collars and fluffy coats.

The morale of this story? I will never EVER miss a Unique show again.

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