Monsieur Robot – All Saints Outerwear

In the wake of London Fashion Week everyone is already looking forward to Autumn Winter clothes for 2011-2012. But we can’t get too ahead of ourselves just yet – we’ve still got Summer to come. I talk about wardrobe staples quite a lot but there are trends within these staples that change every few years. 
Some wardrobe staples never change though and it is the case for leather jackets… A good leather jacket is timeless. Wear it right and it’ll be in use all year round, even in the middle of summer, when the temperature cools at night, throw your biker jacket on over your vest and you’ve got a great look.

So where can you find the perfect leather jacket? Leather is a luxury fabric but you don’t need to go high-end to find the perfect look. All Saints is my favourite high-street store and it’s always my first stop when I need new outerwear. Their clothes have all the luxury of designer brands without the price tag and their collections are coherent and complete meaning you can get everything from shoes to bags and pretty much everything else you need too. Best of all there are plenty of styles to choose from. Duffle coats, aviator jackets, blazers, summer pea coats… There isn’t a trend or classic that they haven’t interpreted in their own inimitable style.

There’s something special about the finish and the fabrics of an All Saints coat. The glory is in the details. The crushed leather and chunky double zips on some of their leather jackets equate to the ideal vintage leather without any of the heartache or legwork involved in tracking down a real one. I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve found the ‘perfect’ jacket in the wrong size, the wrong colour or in less than wearable condition. This never happens in All Saints.

Their Summer pea coats in light fabrics and gorgeous Autumn shades allow you to maintain that smart Winter style all year round. The Rove quilted leather shirt is an ultra-modern take on the quilted jacket that’s become a staple for all men lately. Transforming the style in leather gives that smart country gent look an urban edge and a serious re-imagining of this classic style. The bomber jacket is another style that never leaves the runway or the street. All Saints have several bomber jackets, which you can dress up or dress down. Casual with chinos or smart with a shirt and bow tie a good bomber can transform the simplest outfit into something a bit more special.

If bombers, bikers and quilts aren’t your style there’s always the blazer. A good blazer is the most important element of ‘Ivy League Chic’. In my recent obsession with this look I turned to All Saints for help. Their blazers, teamed with a cute striped tie and shirt, geeked up with a bow tie, or just worn with a simple t-shirt could easily become the centre of your wardrobe. The cut is a perfect modern silhouette, which is formal and smart without being boring or dull. The cut of a blazer is so important but the tailoring at All Saints is sublime. Your jacket is the main item of clothing that everyone sees you in. You get judged on that one item more than any other so you can’t afford to get it wrong…All Saints make sure you never will. The only problem is which one to pick.