Blogging 101 – My blogging tools

I often get emails asking me what camera I use, what laptop I use and generally what are the tech bits that make my life easier. So I thought I’d do a little round up for you here rather than send out individual emails detailing everything.
Blogging bits

1 – Forever 21 camera pouch.

2 – Olympus Pen E-P1: I started using the Olympus Pen about 6 weeks ago. Before that all my photos were taken with a Canon EOS 350D. So far, the Pen has surpassed my expectations and has proven a very useful friend. It is much lighter and smaller than my DSLR and on the whole takes better photos. It was especially useful to have during Fashion Week as it is noticeably lighter. The downside for me is that the zoom isn’t as good as on my Canon but that can be fixed with a super zoom lens. 

I have been taking more photos since I’ve had the Pen, mostly because it is so much easier to carry around. 

3 – Urbanears Plattan headphones: I generally use my iPod headphones to listen to music while I work, but these are so much better. They completely block out all noise from outside and my records have never sounded so amazing. At the moment, it is so cold I sometimes wear them out just to keep my ears warm!

4 – Cooperative Trompe l’Oeil Laptop Sleeve (bought from UO but now sold out).

5 – Apple iPad 16GB Wi-Fi: This was one of my Christmas presents and so far it has been extremely useful, especially as I have been travelling quite a bit in the past couple of months. I use it to store books, games and of course to reply to emails. It is also really good for client presentations and showing my site to people.

6 – Knomo iPad Folio: This was sent to me by Knomo a while back so I didn’t choose the design, but it has been very useful. It is very practical and sturdy. It protects my iPad very well. I have been looking at other cases since I’ve had this one and there are definitely some cuter ones around, but I couldn’t find a sturdier one.

7 – Apple MacBook: The MacBook has been my faithful companion for a few years now. It replaced a PowerBook that was brutally murdered by Mini Robot. It is getting old and needs replacement but it is doing the job ok for now!

Not pictured:

Samsung Galaxy S: This is basically the next best thing if you can’t get the iPhone and if like me you are not a Blackberry person.