A la nuit tombee

I am a lazy dresser. Especially after fashion week. My closet is completely full of the nicest dresses, skirts and blouses but at the moment I only want to wear jeans, stripy tops and slouchy jumpers. I am completely giving in to the spirit of la petite française. It feels so good. I have even started wearing very minimal make-up. I can’t even be bothered to do my eye-liner in the morning.
Before you call the emergency services or the loony bin, this is not the onset of depression, it is more an allergic reaction to the over styling we all more or less fall victim to during fashion week. For some reason, this time I feel this is going to last a little while as it feels SO good. 
This laziness has of course translated into my evening looks. There is no way I could even fathom the concept of wearing a dress and tights, so the jeans stayed on to go out for dinner with friends. So did the slouchy jumper (you can’t see it under the coat but it is lovely and from Monki).
My only concession was to wear the prettiest, sparkliest shoes I own – the disco shoes. But with stripy socks, let’s not push it too far.
I am wearing jeans from Urban Outfitters, Coat from Pins & Needles, Jumper c/o Monki and shoes from Dsquared2