Mini Robot – Stella McCartney Kids

I don’t generally look at designer clothes for kids because… well I probably don’t need to explain this one: they grow out of their clothes fast so there’s no need to spend a lot of money on them. Mini Robot has a couple of Stella McCartney for GAP pieces that were kindly given to her by her auntie Jaja from July Stars. She wears them all the time, they have just the right amount of style, playfulness and durability… So much so that it makes me consider investing in some pieces for Mini Robot for next Winter. Especially as after taking a look at the website, it isn’t actually that expensive (especially if I wait for the Sales).
I may just be a big fashion dummy here, but I am a total sucker for well thought Universes and Stella for kids is perfect. There are games for the children, lookbooks for the parents, cute clothes – the works. 
Mini Robot really enjoyed playing around with the iPad app and I can just imagine her jumping in puddles in those bright yellow wellies!

Picture 7
Picture 8