Hit Bag

I am not one for “it” bags, but I am definitely partial to a good novelty bag. I’ve wanted a nice tapestry bag for a little while but couldn’t really find one that was both practical, handsome and reasonably priced… I am still looking.
Cat bag
In the meantime, I bought this monstrously excellent cat tapestry bag. It is so wrong it can’t even be “ironic” in a Lookbook kinda way – and that’s good. It is just plain bad. But I love it and wear it with pride. Old ladies compliment me on it, and what’s better than an old lady complimenting you on your handbag? Nothing, that’s what.
Yesterday I paid a visit to MiH jeans HQ in Chelsea, so I jumped at the chance of having a wander down King’s Road (which I love), take some photos and have a quick look in the little boutiques there.
Blouse – ASOS
Trousers – H&M
Shoes – See By Chloe
Bag – eBay
This is a short post, as despite my best efforts to chillax and take it easy in preparation for my holiday (LESS THAN A MONTH *squeeeeee*), I am finding myself working shmorking as per usual.
If these photos appear slightly awkward, it is because they are by the way. Try looking natural while taking your own photo in a not so empty street. I am really trying to take this blog outside of my living room and onto the streets, but I need practice.