Beauty Fight – The Return of the Super Shampoos (+giveaway)

I dye my hair, I fry my hair, my hair is dry. I am not especially faithful to a particular shampoo brand because I don’t believe in shampoo magic. 
Enter the Super Shampoos: back in February, Tresemmé contacted me to be their test subject for the new Colour Protection range. I immediately said yes. I am always up for experimenting with new hair products. The promise of the Colour Protection shampoo and conditioner is to keep your colour from fading for up to  40 washes (which basically covers the time in between roots retouch at the salon). 
Shampoos are a bit like men, you have to kiss a few crappy frogs before you find Mr. Right. I think now that I am married and have a good shampoo, I am going to have to apologise to all the frogs that read my blog (there are more than you would think) because they ain’t getting any more kisses from me. Soz, frogs.
But I digress. Tresemmé Colour Protection is available from all the good supermarkets and Boots, Superdrug etc and as you may have guessed, it is affordable – which is a big bonus.
Oh I hear what you are saying… That’s great for the dyed hair, but what about the fried hair? Well… For that there is another Super Shampoo – or a whole range to be precise. TIGI has just launched Urban Antidotes, a range of 3 different shampoos and conditioners for damaged hair. The strength goes from 1 to 3, I picked 3 because my hair is a mess.
Once again, I was dubious till I tried it. After only one wash, my hair already looks and feels much stronger (wow I sound like an 80’s hair advert) and it smells like a candy bar. With the conditioner number 3, the best thing is that you don’t have to leave it on for long at all. You put it in, rub it in and then rinse it off. Hair geekery makes it work like so. Of course, you can leave it in for longer if your hair is particularly thirsty, and I sometimes leave mine on overnight for extra luscious mane. 
The TIGI line is a bit more expensive, but totally worth the investment.
So now, in the words of the legendary Amanda Lepore “I don’t know much about clothes, but my hair looks fierce”… And to conclude this beauty fight, my verdict is: it is a tie! They are both as good as each other.

If you are in the UK, I have a little something for you: I have 5 sets of Tresemmé Colour Protection to give away (shampoo+conditioner+mask). All you need to do to enter is:

– follow me on Twitter and tweet @ me using #iloveyourhair at the end of your tweet.
– become a fan on Facebook (leave a message on the wall).
– finally, leave a comment below so I know you have entered!