A good find and the international shoe ring

Yesterday I was busy filming the Vintage episode of the Fashshot Studio for LivTV. Our very special guest was my friend Naomi of Vintage Secret who came to chat to me about vintage accesorising. Naomi has the magic touch, she can make anything and anyone look like a vintage goddess, without going overboard… Believe me, it is a pretty good skill to have!
After our work was done, we headed to Paper Dress for a sneaky cup of tea and we obviously had to look around at all the gorgeousness on offer. Still obsessed by maxi dresses, I inspected every single one of them, trying to get to grips with my ideal dream dress vision. Do I sound like some crazy vintage dress oracle now?
After this quick stint with Naomi, I had a taste for vintage, so I decided to go have a look in my favourite charity shop on my way home. I haven’t found anything in charity shops for ages, but yesterday, I found a new friend: a chocolate brown silk vintage M&S blouse. Funnily enough, it was just what I needed to be able to wear my pink ASOS shorts.
Shorts – ASOS
Shirt – Thrifted
Shoes – Madewell
Belt – Dorothy Perkins
Weather permitting, this is what I am wearing today… What about the international shoe ring, you ask? Well… The lovely Rhiannon was able to send me the shoes I was lusting after from Madewell (the ones used in the Alexa Chung collection presentation). It is their first outing as for some strange reason I can’t wear them with socks but they work fine bare foot.

Shirt – Thrifted

Bangle – Dorothy Perkins
Glasses – courtesy of Black Eyewear