MRtv – Dr. Martens is 50!

Photo – Sham69 (from the vaults)
Last Monday I was taken to Northamptonshire to visit the Dr. Martens factory. I haven’t really been into the iconic boots since I was a teenager, but being a bit of a nerd, I never miss an opportunity to see how things are made (and to wear safety goggles).
We were taken around by Brian who has been working at the factory for 37 years.  He kindly explained the whole shoe making process and answered all of our – sometimes ridiculous – questions with grace. The factory produces about 800 pairs of shoes each week. 
I thought the best way to share this with you was to shoot a little video… and since Kristin was there too, you get an extra special treat in the form of Butters. Woot.
To celebrate their 50th anniversary, Dr. Martens have come up with a campaign involving 10 bands covering 10 cult songs. You can download the tracks for free and watch the videos on the Dr. Martens website.
Video courtesy of Dr. Martens