My Paris Fashion Week adventure – Day 1: Merci, Colette, Hot Breath, Cute French Kids

I arrived in Paris yesterday around lunchtime. The Eurostar was full of London buddies, including Chris from WKWYDLN, who is here to take party photos. 
The sun has followed me here and it is lovely to be able to take a stroll, soak up the atmosphere and enjoy the sunshine. The stress of London Fashion Week has left me apprehensive about doing it all again for Paris, so I decided about a week ago that I would take it very easy.
My plan yesterday was to have a nice walk in Le Marais, my old hood and slowly get to Colette to see my buddies Mike and Jen from Hot Breath karaoke take over Todd Selby‘s window apartment for 2 hours of experimental fun.
Todd Selby
It was quite odd to see something out of my usual London life being transported in the middle of my Parisian life!
Jen & Mike
These kids couldn’t believe their eyes, they were so cute.
Today I woke up feeling pretty ill, which is no doubt the backlash of weeks of overdoing it. But I will jump in my Chloé dress and soldier on. I am going to see Manish Arora and Barbara Bui today, followed by a cocktail party hosted by Glam (who kindly took me to Paris).

ps – woops I totally forgot to show you the photos of Merci’s collaboration with Liberty’s

My dream car